Acupuncture Modalities

Your acupuncturist may use the following additional modalities to support each treatment:

Cupping is a technique that uses glass or plastic cups placed on the skin using a suction to disperse stagnation or break up congestion in the tissue. It can be a deeply relaxing experience, similar to a deep tissue massage. It encourages blood flow, relaxes and loosens up the muscles along where the cups are applied making is great for musculoskeletal conditions. By breaking up congestion inside the tissues, cupping supports immune function by stimulating detoxification of tissues.

Gua sha is a technique using a small flat tool in a scraping motion on specific areas of the body so healing can occur. Gua sha can help break up fascia, the connective tissue surrounding the muscles, increasing blood flow and decreasing muscle tension.   

Moxa, or moxibustion, is a technique in which acupuncture points and/or body regions are warmed by burning an herb called Artemisia vulgaris or mugwort over the area. The combusting herb burns evenly and provides soothing and penetrating warmth. This method is often used to alleviate pain and strengthen the body.

Lifestyle Counseling which can include advice on stretches, exercises, and chinese dietary therapy.  

Chinese Herbal Medicine with formulas specifically tailored to the individual, not the issue.  Your practitioner may recommend tinctures, teas, herbal pills, salves and oils made with the finest quality western and chinese herbs.